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Today, thanks to the fast-growing internet technologies, it is obvious that some of the practices in psychological science started to be transferred to the Internet environment. Internet based psychotherapy and counseling practices have reached to considerable dimensions while these practices have been continuing in traditional therapy environments. This study has emphasized the historical progress in the world and in our country and different kinds of current internet based distance psychological support practices which is becoming widespread and is estimated to have an important effect on psychological science. Also, the advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of this practice and the studies that can be done to create structures that will improve and supervise this practice are searched. According to the results of the study, internet based distance psychological support practices are seen to be appropriate for the treatment of some diseases however it isn’t seen appropriate for some other diseases. This practice is preferred for being cost-efficient, having flexible work hours, and wishing to express people’s problems in an anonymous way. However, it is also necessary to determine the practice standards and ethics code.

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